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img GBP 350.55 354.05
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img AED 75.25 76
img USD 277.5 280
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*These are only the indicative rates, for updated rates please visit our nearest branch

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Currency Exchange

We Provide the most secure and easy currency exchange

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Why Choose Time Exchange

Easy Money Transfer

Time Exchange provide the facility of jazzcash payments, money transfer, deposits and all the other services that jazzcash provide.

Money Exchange

Currency exchange businesses in physical, allow you to exchange one country's currency for another by executing buy and sell transactions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to maximize the exchange experience of our customers by providing customer- focused service.

We are ready to assist you

To be the premiere organization operating locally that provides with the best exchange services to the customers.

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Frequently questions

  • What you need to exchange currency?

    You just need to get your orignal ID card if you want to exchange the currency which is less then 500 dollars but if the exchangeable amount is 500 dollar or more then that, According to the law of State Bank you have to give the copy of your ID card as well.

  • How can you get the price idea?

    The rate displayed on website at any given time are for information, indicative of market conditions of may vary by time and location or branch. They don’t constitute an offer or a solicitation of an offer, to initiate or conclude any transaction at the value stated For the confirmation you can simply contact to our helpline number.

  • How can you contact Time Exchange?

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Our Company deal in sale and purchase of foreign currency notes,coins and such related functions as may be authorised under Foreign Exchange Regulation Act 1947 or any other law being enforced from time as authorised and permitted by State Bank of Pakistan.

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